For Believe Me:

“Nina Killham’s characters are wonderful, and Nicolas is one of the all-time great thirteen year olds of fiction.” Luanne Rice, author of Follow the Stars Home

“Nina Killham has gone, as it says in the Book of Common Prayer, from strength to strength. Anyone would have been proud to have written this book.”  Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of ‘The Deep End of the Ocean’

For How to Cook a Tart:

Wickedly funny…an expansive satire of the ways we have become pre-occupied with food. – New York Times

This debut black comedy…is not only delicious; its simultaneiously rare and well done.” – Glamour

“Nina Killham’s painfully funny and disturbing first novel mercilessly harpoons foodies, gourmands, health freaks, dieters, and food writers with great style and deadly accuracy. How to Cook a Tart is gastro-porn as if Julia Childs and William Burroughs had a bastard child. Dysfunctional family melodrama, biting satire, scathing indictment, and a call to the barricades, How to Cook a Tart takes no prisoners.” – Anthony Bourdain, author of Kitchen Confidential and A Cook’s Tour.

For Mounting Desire:

“There is of course, amid all the laughter, a serious point here. Sex indeed is too much with us, in too public and too cynically commerical ways, and a bit of toning down indeed is in order. Swearing off it completely may not be the answer, but in an age where it all hangs out, a little retinence would be nice. Killham makes the point deftly in this very funny, very clever, very adult novel.” – Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

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