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Tree Gazing

I have lived in Melbourne seven years now. Wow, when did that happen? It’s a lovely place to live and I have made many friends.

But the best friends I’ve made, I must say, are the trees. I have fallen deeply in love with the Australian gums. Their speckled and multi-coloured bark, their brilliant, often white, twisting branches, their beautiful soft green leaves. I miss them when I go traveling (back when you still could, pre-covid days). Now when I return to Australia, I always look out of the airplane window and wave at the white branches which I swear are waving back. There is a real sense of homecoming now when I see the landscape.

When I first arrived in Australia, I started taking photos of these trees because when I stopped and peered more closely, I couldn’t get over the brilliant colours and the exquisite patterns. About two years ago I began seeing faces in the bark peering right back at me. And now when I walk around my local park I say hello to them all (silently of course—I don’t want to be THAT lady.)

I have now created a website to house some of the photos and, more particularly, to highlight the destruction of native forests. Both around the world and in Australia. I have also joined the Australian Conservation Foundation and am on their letter writing team to voice our condemnation of the continued destruction. I urge you to also look into your local environmental issues and find a way to help. Time is running out. But the main thing is we still have time if we act now.

So if you’re curious or just want examine tree bark, have a look at www.treegazing.com

I hope you like it.


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