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Self promotion

self-promotionOh god, I made the mistake of looking at another writer’s blog today. It’s so zoomy and groovy and interesting and salient I want to stuff a sock in my mouth.

It also makes me realize how inept I am at publicity. I should be putting a picture of my new book somewhere on the home page of my website. But nooooo, I’ve got a fancy photo of moi. The whole thing is about me, me, me. Books? Oh, yeah. Yeah. They’re around here somewhere. Now where did I put them? I can’t remember. But have I told you about me lately?

My publisher’s publicist must be committing hari kari with her Nintendo pen.

But I think the main reason I have trouble with promotion is that for me it’s not really a book. It’s a group of characters who live on in my head. And like many writers, I’m always surprised I had anything to do with creating them. Because characters have a way of being more than what you originally imagined.  They take on their own lives and become people you actually knew. Later, you wonder how they’re doing.

So anyway, I’ve got a book coming out soon. In 8 days and 5 hours to be exact. It’s called Believe Me (Penguin). It is about a mother who is an Atheist and an astronomer and who has raised her son to be very rational and scientific until one day she finds out he’s been sneaking off to bible class. It’s about faith and science and a wonderful 13 year old boy and his mother who have become very close to my heart.

photo by Practicalowl (flickr)


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