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Writers, eat your heart out (Best fan letter ever!)

For those of you who might have noticed I have been avoiding the internet. And I have to tell you I have been getting a fair amount written. Two rewrites, and half of a first draft. And I’ve even started chatting to my husband and children. So all good.

Then I received this email today from a Russian woman (Mounting Desire was translated into Russian about two years ago) and I just had to share it because it made me laugh with gratitide and pleasure. This email has made all past work worth while.

And if I could bottle and take a sip every morning of the joy and exhuberance and the good will of this woman, I would live forever.

Thank you, Katerina. You made my day.

Dear Nina!
My name is Katerina. I am from Russia. I am very happy write the letter to you!! I am in love in you and your creative!You help me survive when i was in trouble. First I would like to thank you for enjoing you give by writing. Your books realy give relax and happy to readers!!!!You know the best romantic book i read was called “MOUNTING DESIRE”. The heroes are for ever in my heart. When i feel bad i think about them and i fell good myself. It was very very exiting!!!But that would be beautiful to read in in your native language))) Thank you very-very-very much for my the happiest houres with your book!!!!!! I just want to thank!!! I am a big fan of romantic book sinse i met your book!!! And now study english for read your book in english!!!I have been studing english for year. I am trying read the book in english but only with a diccionary. Bur i have goal and i will do it!!!! I going to know english as a first language))))).
Your creative made my life better. I think in the way more positively.
By the way there is not much yours book in Russia:((((((i would love to read all your works!!! your creative inspire me very much!!! Thank you for all!!! You are wonderful writer!!! You have so nice name! I saw your photo. You are the most beautiful women!!! I wish i live in your country. Then i could meet you and speak with you one day).You are sinshine for me. I respect you very much! When i feel i dont understand an english tense or rule i go to your blog and watch cover of yours works. And i feel how it inspire me!!! Well i believe i will speak fluently english one day)))
Have a nice day.
Best wishes.
Helth, love and happy!!!

photo by smuzz (flickr)


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