Basking in Brunswick, Melbourne

We moved to Melbourne at the end of 2012. We moved to Brunswick just north of the Royal Park about four months ago. It is visually one of the most interesting places I’ve ever lived in. The following are just some of my snap shots…..

Cafe graffitti

Acustico Cafe on Union Street. I walk by it everyday and am amazed each time.

brunsick girl

I caught this girl walking by the Town Hall. Loved everything about her.

lara in front of graffitti

My lovely girl had just spent three months in China. It was our first walk about the neighborhood.


Right off Sydney Road….


Cafe culture….


Beware! Yarn bombing on Sydney Road.


What will greet you when you go to Ray’s on Victoria Street. Yummy breakfasts, perfect coffee.


Not in Brunswick per se, but loved its sentiments…..


Wishing you and yours a profoundly Happy New Year!

x, Nina




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6 responses to “Basking in Brunswick, Melbourne

  1. sophie Matthew

    I am jealous – it looks Amazing!!! I will have to send Alex out to do some graffiti around Crouch End! I hope Laura had a great time in China. Sophie xx

  2. ninakillham

    Hi Sophie, yes, it certainly makes the neighborhood more colorful! And yes, thanks, Lara had a fascinating time in China. She can chatter in Mandarin now. It’s amazing… x

  3. Carol Anderson

    Love your photos and seeing what a far-away part of the world looks like through your eyes. Great street art! Cute kids!

  4. Happy New Year, Nina!

    Such a creative atmosphere—Brunswick seems to have a little bit of everything and at least one of everyone!

    (Can yarnbombing be truly spontaneous? Seems like a lot of prep work to me!)

  5. ninakillham

    Thanks, Carol!

  6. ninakillham

    Thanks, Sarah. I think you’re right about the bike. Or that is one fast knitter….

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