Moon Over Mongolia


My husband and I just came back from an amazing trip to Mongolia. It reminded me of a last frontier. I haven’t been so jazzed by a trip in a long while. Its history alone will have me up reading long into the night. Medieval traditions slamming into the 21st century. If you have a chance, grab a warm jacket and go!

You’ve got to be tough to be a bookseller!


I wanted his belt.


I watched a lot of wedding parties get their picture taken with Chinggis (Genhhis) Khan in front of the Parliament Building in Ulaan Bataar.


My favorite Mongolian dog.


A gorgeous riding guide.


Mine was the pretty white one.


Ulaan Bataar is a city full of extraordinary juxtapositions.


My new BFF


Everyone had mobiles. I mean EVERYONE.


What else do you need?


Two very cool cats.


I loved the use of color on and in Mongolian houses.


Because of the condition of the roads, those on horseback were making better progress.


Can not wait to go back.


Ruminating on possible future stories. Do you have any Mongolian stories for me?

Thanks for looking at my holiday pics. x





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8 responses to “Moon Over Mongolia

  1. Carol Anderson

    Love the pictures. I was going to say, set a new book there! Then I saw your last comment! Can’t believe how cold it looks for October.

  2. ninakillham

    Hi Carol, you are so sweet to look at the photos again. Thank you. And yes, it was mighty cold. The better to snuggle up in! x

  3. Oh my goodness, Nina. What a trip! Wonderful photos. I want to go there now!

  4. And now, I’m yearning for the yurts! Lovely photos, Nina—it looks like a wonderful time!

  5. ninakillham

    Thanks, Sue. It was wonderful. Can’t recommend it enough.

  6. ninakillham

    Thanks, Sarah. That yurt was very romantic!

  7. These photos make me want to take a trip to Mongolia. I suppose there is never a warm season of year, though, just one less cold than the other. I love how the clothing and buildings are so colorful!

  8. ninakillham

    Hi, Suzanne, yes, that’s what I loved so much about Mongolia. Their amazing sense and love of color.

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