No Worries

2012 was the year I was going to finish my novel.

Ha ha ha ha!

That was the plan before my husband came home and said What would you think about moving to Melbourne?

Melbourne. Australia?

10496.09 miles away to be exact.

But I love London. In fact I had just become a British citizen. It was home. I am very comfortable with the word No.

Not forever, he said. We’ll come back.

How long is not forever, I asked.

Not sure, he said.

Well, to make a long story short, I went for it.

An adventure. A change. A middle life crisis. Call it what you will.

We had to arrange everything: schools, places to live, visa’s , forms, form, forms and more forms.

I finished the last form and was ready to get back to that novel.

I sat down at my computer, rubbed my hands and raised them above my keypad….

Sniff sniff, what’s that smell, I thought.

It was our house. Burning down.

Our roofers had set our roof on fire and gone out to lunch.

After about ten minutes of trying to find the source of the fire while our house was filling up with smoke, my husband and I finally called the fire department. Not a moment too soon. The firemen pushed through our front door in their space suits and gas masks and had to pull our whittering selves out.

Outside I looked up to see the top of the house on fire. A black tongue of smoke shot up high into the sky. A helicopter roared above. Three firetrucks idled blocking the street. A flock of worried neighbors stood in front, offering cups of tea and places to stay.

I watched dumbfounded as the fire descended towards my office on the second floor. The room began to fill up with smoke, the window sills began to blacken.

My work, I murmured.

A kindly neighbor asked, Is your computer backed up?

Yes. I said.

He smiled in relief.

To the little machine next to my computer, I added.

We stood and stared at the window. The smoke began to seep from the cracks.

The London firemen did stop the fire and the computer was saved. (These firemen were amazing; kind, heroic, thoughtful…effective. They deserve anything they want!)

But we never lived in the house again. That night and for several days after we stayed with a variety of gorgeous generous friends and rented a short-term place.

We then flew to Melbourne.

To begin our midlife adventure.

This is the view from my window:

2012-10-19 04.31.08

We’ve been here three months, blinking in the sun, riding our bikes around, and learning to say ‘No worries.’

I’ve also written 90,000 words of my novel.

Must be the view…..


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10 responses to “No Worries

  1. David Bruskin

    What a story! Nothing like the cosmos kicking your butt on your way to your next adventure. So glad it’s been fruitful.

  2. ninakillham

    Ha! No kidding. Thanks for the comment, David. x

  3. victor schonfeld

    Wow Nina! I hope the rescued novel lives up to the combustible re-start. You do know the Aldous Huxley story, I suppose. In Los Angeles his home with his study in it caught fire and he stood outside watching as it burned down, and he was laughing. “I’m free” he said.
    But you are much luckier. Enjoy it!
    -Victor S

  4. ninakillham

    I love that story, Victor. I know what he’s talking about. But yes, I was absolutely luckier. Hope you’re well! Thanks for commenting.

  5. So that’s where you’ve been!

    Gorgeous view—but I’ll bet the view on your computer screen is even better, (at least metophorically).

  6. Oh, Nina, you’re so lucky you made it out of the house. What a huge bonus the firemen saved your backup hard drive. What a crazy story! You should put it in another novel. I can’t wait to read this next one! Keep looking out that window and writing! Cheers!

  7. ninakillham

    Hi Sarah, yes computer screen is good. Twitter, facebook, property sites…. 😉

  8. ninakillham

    Thanks Suzanne. Yes, I was very lucky. I’ve got it all on icloud now. I would highly suggest everyone doing that. x

  9. Tracy Chevalier

    Nina, a Kiwi taught me to say “Too easy” as the New Zealand version of No worries. Great, isn’t it? Sure beats the British “Mustn’t grumble”! xx

  10. ninakillham

    Hey Tracy! I love ‘Too easy.’ My favorite though has to be ‘No drama.’ Though it’s not in use much with a 14-year old in our house.

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