Writers, eat your heart out (Best fan letter ever!)

For those of you who might have noticed I have been avoiding the internet. And I have to tell you I have been getting a fair amount written. Two rewrites, and half of a first draft. And I’ve even started chatting to my husband and children. So all good.

Then I received this email today from a Russian woman (Mounting Desire was translated into Russian about two years ago) and I just had to share it because it made me laugh with gratitide and pleasure. This email has made all past work worth while.

And if I could bottle and take a sip every morning of the joy and exhuberance and the good will of this woman, I would live forever.

Thank you, Katerina. You made my day.

Dear Nina!
My name is Katerina. I am from Russia. I am very happy write the letter to you!! I am in love in you and your creative!You help me survive when i was in trouble. First I would like to thank you for enjoing you give by writing. Your books realy give relax and happy to readers!!!!You know the best romantic book i read was called “MOUNTING DESIRE”. The heroes are for ever in my heart. When i feel bad i think about them and i fell good myself. It was very very exiting!!!But that would be beautiful to read in in your native language))) Thank you very-very-very much for my the happiest houres with your book!!!!!! I just want to thank!!! I am a big fan of romantic book sinse i met your book!!! And now study english for read your book in english!!!I have been studing english for year. I am trying read the book in english but only with a diccionary. Bur i have goal and i will do it!!!! I going to know english as a first language))))).
Your creative made my life better. I think in the way more positively.
By the way there is not much yours book in Russia:((((((i would love to read all your works!!! your creative inspire me very much!!! Thank you for all!!! You are wonderful writer!!! You have so nice name! I saw your photo. You are the most beautiful women!!! I wish i live in your country. Then i could meet you and speak with you one day).You are sinshine for me. I respect you very much! When i feel i dont understand an english tense or rule i go to your blog and watch cover of yours works. And i feel how it inspire me!!! Well i believe i will speak fluently english one day)))
Have a nice day.
Best wishes.
Helth, love and happy!!!

photo by smuzz (flickr)


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6 responses to “Writers, eat your heart out (Best fan letter ever!)

  1. Health, love and happy . . . I can’t imagine a better fan letter than this one, Nina!

  2. This is absolutely the most fabulous fan letter ever! I’m glad you shared it. Just think…someone loves your writing enough to learn English to read all your books. What higher compliment could there be?

  3. ninakillham

    Hi Suzanne, yes, I am very lucky that she took the time to write. I sent her a couple of books and she just emailed to say she received them in Russia. Very exciting. So glad you commented, now I can see your blog!

  4. Linda

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that letter is a scam, sent to many authors, trying to get signatures, probably for nefarious reasons.

  5. This is deeply, deeply strange. “Katerina” wrote me an identical letter, changing only the book title to one of mine. However, the book she talks about has not been translated into Russian. (I checked with the publisher.) One of my others has, but this is still very odd. Why would she write word-for-word letters to several (four at least ) writers? (Try googling the first sentence of her letter… that’s how I found you.) She might be geniune and have just composed a letter and then copied it to various writers but why choose one that has only ever been available in English?
    The book in question was “Anna’s Own”, which was published under one of my pennames (Tegan James) back in 1995.

  6. ninakillham

    Oh dear, my bubble has been burst. I actually didn’t sign it (my antennae were quivering just a bit). She sent me a thank you email. So I don’t know. Maybe she just likes books. Given the economy in Russia these days, maybe she’s found an ingenuous way of filling her library.

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