Thank you!

T’is the season to be rushed. T’is the season to fall behind. T’is the season to be just a wee bit grumpy.

I was thinking this the other day as I watched the early morning snow falling from the sky, trying its best to remain snow and failing. On the radio doom threatened: strikes, war, misery, all accompanied by the Wagner-esque symphony of possible global financial collapse.

My own season was becoming increasingly a list of things to tick off. And oh, the guilt. Yes, I was now personally responsible for the destruction of the high street by buying 85 % of my presents online.

I was thinking this when the door bell rang. I rushed downstairs, still in my robe, bleary-eyed and wild-haired, and at the door stood a delivery man, delivering yet another package I had ordered online (See? I told you). This package was big and round and he grinned at me—a delightful elf of a smile–and did a little bow as he twirled it into my hands.

And as that package passed from his hands to mine we both laughed. A joyous cosmic chuckle. A bright spark on a cold winter morning. Here we were two strangers, one up driving around in the early morning dark, the other still in her bathrobe, hurrying her children through breakfast. Such different lives and such different days ahead.

But in that split second we became one—sharing an unspoken joke, a joie de vivre on Dec. 16 at 8:05 on a nondescript street in London.

And as I closed the door, grinning, infected with this man’s joy, I thought ‘Now that’s the spirit!’

And I kept it with me for the rest of the day. So I thank him for that.

And I also give a HUGE THANK YOU to my subscribers and everyone else who has read my blog (you know who you are!).

Thank you so much for visiting. I appreciate the time I’m taking up in your head space. There is constant demand on your attention so I thank you for hanging out with me. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your company.

I’m looking forward to meeting up again in the New Year. But right now it’s time to put down our pens, toss some tinsel and party!

X Nina

photo by Amber B McN (flickr)


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10 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Happy Merry, Nina!

    Thanks for the reminder (and the adorable image).

  2. ninakillham

    Thanks, Sarah. Merry merry to you too! x

  3. ninakillham

    Thanks, Miranda. Happy Christmas to you too. xx

  4. Oh but it’s such a pleasure to read your posts, Nina – and this one was another. Just like your encounter with the postman, this lifts me up! Thank YOU!

  5. ninakillham

    Thanks, Candy. Have a wonderful Christmas. I’ve been thinking of you during these horrible floods in the Philippines. So sad. x

  6. Lisa

    Loved this Nina…just what I needed today. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday…thank you! 🙂

  7. ninakillham

    Thanks, Lisa! Just back now. Raising a glass of champy to ya. Here’s to a good new year for both of us. x

  8. Cheers, Nina! It’s always moments like the one you shared with the deliveryman that give the spirit a boost. Thanks for sharing such a bright spot in your holiday and congratulations on your Versatile Blogger Award!

  9. ninakillham

    Thanks, JM and thanks for the heads up on the award. I didn’t know. Happy New Year to you.

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