Stop Reading My Blog

Ok, this is a weird one. I’m going to ask you to go away.


Because I want you to go back to what you were doing. Which is creating.

And what you are doing being here is not creating. It’s screwing around.

Now if you’re here for company and for a hello, that’s great. I love hanging out with you and I appreciate (slobber over) every comment.

But if you’re here because you got caught on a word or lost your train of thought or you got bored with working and your finger reached out on its own accord and pushed at that firefox or internet explorer button and you surfed your way here, stop.

Go away. Go back to what you were doing. Stick with it.

And I say this because I know.

Oh, how I know.

When I pause while writing at the computer, even a second, it’s enough for my finger to click on the button and suddenly I’m surfing that internet wave until I crash and emerge with fish flapping from my mouth.

Yesterday, I was checking out the fashions on X Factor. Then I swung by to see if it’s actually happened yet. Then I took my daily cruise around The Guardian, The New York Times and the FT to see if anything new occured in the world in the last, oh, five minutes since the last time I checked. Until reluctantly, very reluctantly, I returned to my poor patient manuscript.

Can someone please tell me exactly when I lost my mind?

Focus, people!

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to read Leo Babauta’s Focus (you can even download it for free—because that’s the kind of guy he is)

So consider this blog a gentle hand guiding (pushing, prodding, shoving) you back to the task at hand.

Because the internet is addictive. No doubt about that.

Now go. Create.


photo by Pixies and Pixels (flickr)



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8 responses to “Stop Reading My Blog

  1. Nope 🙂 Not going away, I just found your blog. Besides I’m taking my well-deserved break. When I wasn’t taking my break I was creating ( with my Internet turned off – it does magic!).
    I found out I create better when I don’t do it non-stop. Sometimes it’s good to read a blog and see that someone is creating something too 🙂

  2. ninakillham

    Thanks, Alexandra. Turning off internet is an excellent idea. And can I say that is one cool cat you’ve got there on your blog!

  3. Kana Tyler

    Now HOW could I have resisted a title like that? 😉 But okay, okay, I’ll go back to that writing I’m “supposed” to be doing…
    [I’ll be back, though…]

  4. ninakillham

    Wonderful, Kana. Hope you will be back. AFTER your writing. 😉

  5. But, but, but . . . okay, fine.

    But I’ll be back. 😛

  6. Was on one of those diversionary clicking fests before heading to my NaNoWriMo project when I re-discovered your blog. I love blogging and reading other blogs, but it can get to be as bad as opening a Wikipedia file for “research.” *Chuckles as I go find that Scrivener icon*

  7. ninakillham

    Hi, Laurie, thanks for commenting. Yes, I know all about diversionary clicking fests. Love that term. Good luck with the NaNoWriMo.

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