The Sirens Are Calling

Well, it’s that time. That time when I start asking myself. Do I really want to do this story? Is it interesting enough? Do I like it enough? Would anybody be give a hoot?

Maybe I should start something else.

Or go back to an old idea that I once abandoned.

Or give up all together and eat some chocolate cake.

Yup, it’s that time.

But I’m trying to power through. I have promised myself to continue to write this story until July 1st. And I will continue. By just writing one word after the other. And trying not to think too much.

It’s hard. Because the song of the sirens is so strong. So beautiful. They say, Stop, and come over here. We’ve got a MUCH better idea. Really. Leave that silly old story and come to us. We will show you the way.

But I have lashed myself to this story until July 1. And I must stay with this ship. I must keep writing and not give up.I need to give this story a chance. The story is still trying to make itself clear to me and I need to give it time.

Not that I’ve been churning it out, mind you. This weeks count: 6404 to be exact. (It was Sports Day today and so I got no writing done but had a great time urging on running and jumping children.)

So for this next and last week I’m going to concentrate very hard and not wriggle my wrists free and jump out of the boat.

How are the Sirens treating you?

photo by betsythedevine


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4 responses to “The Sirens Are Calling

  1. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Isn’t that what Dorey says in Finding Nemo?
    if you decide to go elsewhere after July 1, then fine. But for now, stick to it. You’ll be glad you did! My deadline is 15 July. And how the sirens are SCREAMING!

  2. ninakillham

    You go, Candy. Those sirens are unbelievably loud, aren’t they? I’ve got my hands clamped to my ears! x

  3. Stay on target! Stay on target!

    (says the woman who didn’t make her own deadline and is now fiddling endlessly with the last typed scene instead of getting on with it)

  4. ninakillham

    I will try, Sarah! And you can do it too. Fiddling can be fun but you can make it to the end. I know it! Can’t you just taste it?

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