Almost 10,000 words

OK, how is everyone going?

I still have about 500 words to write today but I realize I’m going to pick up kids from school soon followed by a big driveathon as I get everybody to where they need to be. (My daughter is in a school musical tonight.)

So I thought I’d blog now.

It’s been tough getting those words down. But I have to tell you this public word count is actually making me do it. Last night I crawled into bed and had to finish my last 300 through eye watering yawns because I knew I had pledged myself to tell you.

So thank you.

And frankly this choice of 2000 words a day, double my usual word count when I’m writing a novel, is kicking my behind. This blog was actually inspired by a tweet Joanne Harris wrote a couple of months ago about having written 8000 words one day. And as I told her, if she wasn’t so funny I’d have unfollowed her in a fit of pique. But it got me thinking. Was I being a wee bit too soft on myself?

So I’ve pushed.

And it’s good. All good. Well not the words actually but the daily push. The words are pretty crap frankly but I’m finding, as I do with every book, that it is only in the writing that the book will get written. Which sounds so glaringly obvious. But even after three books I still harbor in me this idea that I can plan out my book and when I start writing it will just flow perfectly formed onto the page and voila, when I hit 80,000 I’ll have a novel.

Ha ha ha ha!

Never happens.

No, I’ve written what about 10,000 this week, sixty, seventy perhaps, percent of which will never see the light of day. Probably won’t even be transcribed into my computer (I’m writing long hand) .

Because as I go along and do my research at the same time I realize, Well actually my character wouldn’t have that object. And gosh this little alley I’ve just turned down is much more interesting. And really, her mother is this kind of character not the one I just spent a whole day fleshing out….

What about you? How are you coming along?

Meet you same time, next week. Happy writing.

photo by Andrew Pescod (flickr)


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4 responses to “Almost 10,000 words

  1. “Shitty First Drafts”~ Anne Lamott from Bird by Bird.
    You sooooo have permission!

  2. My goal isn’t exactly word-count based, but one more chapter is done, and I’m 838 words into the next one. I think I have about six left to go (chapters, not words), but most of them are sketched out already.

    But I already know I’ll have to add a chapter in the beginning because my MC agreed to her adventure way too easily—and since she just asked a suspect why she saw him skulking about in chapter eleven, he’d better go back and skulk so she can notice him. I’m gritting my teeth and trying to let my first draft be horrible in the interests of getting it done so I can redo it.

    This is called “being productive.” Right?

  3. I don’t know if my last comment was eaten or I didn’t hit the post button correctly or you’re far too busy writing to check and approve (hope it’s this one!), so if this is a repeat, please trash the previous one, as I have more to report!

    I finished one chapter this week and completed the next one last night (or, rather, very early this morning)!.

    Far, far less than 10,000 words (holy cow, Nina!), but it’s still moving forward, right? I’ve decided to do chapter goals instead of word-count goals this time, in the interest of not obsessing so much. We’ll see how that goes . . .

  4. ninakillham

    Hey Sarah, yes, you’re right. I decided to go a whole day without checking internet and damn, look what I missed. But excellent on what you’ve achieved. I say full steam ahead. All the bits of plot will fall into place. Sometimes I’m amazed at how random things come up and then connect with other random things. All that subconscious working I guess. And as Lisa says in another comment, Shitty First Drafts! They are the beginning of everything. See you next week! x

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