On your mark!

Well, I’m back. I needed to take a break to think through the story line for my next novel. I think I might have something here and I want to give it my best shot. I find when I’m in this stage of a book I just need to wander around in a bit of daze and let my subconscious figure out what the hell I’m trying to reach for.

Because when I’m blogging my head is too filled with what’s going out than what is already in there swirling about, trying to make itself known.

So I’ve started laying down the story, writing long hand to keep myself away from the internet, and trying to hack my way through the tangle of possible tangents.

And then last night I thought Why don’t we do it together?

Anybody out there also working on a novel?

He he.

Just a few?

Well, why don’t we work on it together? Keep each others’ spirits up.

Every Friday, I’ll tell you if I made my word count.  You set your own pace and then divulge yours. I’m going for 2000 a day until I reach 60,000 when I’ll stop and see what I’ve got. (Time out on weekends when I spend most of the time ferrying my children to their social engagements!)

So let’s see. 10,000 a week. Six weeks. That’s July 1st.

Who’s with me?

On your mark, get ready…GO!

photo by Phil Roeder


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7 responses to “On your mark!

  1. I’m trying to finish my draft by June 17th, but I’m in!

  2. ninakillham

    Excellent, Sarah! You’re going to race right by me. But I’ll be cheering you all the way.

  3. Linda

    Ooh, writing in longhand! How delightfully old-fashioned. Remember the good old days when your hands would ache from holding a pencil? Good luck, hope you make your deadline. I might secretly start writing the book that’s been in my head for years, to keep you company in spirit.

  4. ninakillham

    Wonderful. Make sure to secretly tell me your word count, Linda! xx

  5. I’ve never thought there’s a novel in me, still don’t, but I had an epiphany about writing a couple of days ago. I always thought my blocks were simply (HA!) threefold: 1) I don’t do it right- not like my Dad, the author, or my brothers who write well but not necessarily for publication. I don’t express myself in a way they approve of, or with values shared by my family of origin, thus the scared little girl remains silent… OR 2) When I’m writing, I’m not living, rather taking time out from the adventure of life to reminisce and therefore missing out! OR 3) The permanence of it! Egads, someone could point out to me, “well you said____________!”
    What came to me, actually rather gently, the other morning was this: when I write, I feel. And that can be painful. Avoiding writing is avoiding pain, or numbing, for me. OUCH! That’s both more helpful and more intimidating than all of the three prior. (and I’m still sitting with/wrestling with that)
    As always, Nina, thanks for the inspiration! 🙂 You go gal!!! Cheering you from Colorado! xo

  6. ninakillham

    Lisa, that was so beautiful. I’ve never thought of that but I imagine feeling too much while writing would absolutely keep you away from it if it brought up painful thoughts. You are so creative I bet you would be amazing. Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be thinking of you! xx

  7. Thanks, Nina!
    On my rounds thru Saguache, Colorado yesterday (stumping for the land trust) I met artist Kelsey Hauck (and deftly took a rain check on a “glass” of wine! :)) http://www.hauckpedersen.com/Hauck.html
    We spoke of the respites granted from emotional work and then their sometimes sudden rescindence requiring a return to self-discovery.
    I was inspired to paint as “exercise” (somehow color and shape are a wee bit less intimidating than words) For now, bedtime reading: bell hooks, Remembered Rapture. How’s that word count coming??

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