Mother of all Obstacles

I read a blog the other day and it rang so true and wise that I had to share it with you.

The blog is that my friend, Candy Gourlay, who is the author of the award winning Tall Story. She is also extremely talented in the web designer and is very generous with her links and time. She also runs an amazing writers blog called Notes from the Slush Pile.

Recently she reported back from this year’s 2011 Winter Conference of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators where the key note speaker was Sara Zarr who I admit I had never heard of but who is the author of three very successful books and who I have certainly put on my reading list!

She was invited to give the keynote address at the conference and probably gave one of the wisest speeches they’d ever had. Now while I believe it was intended as a call of encouragement to mainly unpublished writers, it also read very very true to those of us who are published but who have lost a bit (or a lot) of our wide-eyed optimism. It is certainly difficult to keep the faith when all about us the news is filled with the demise of publishing as we know it.

And therefore, in particular, one aspect Zarr talked about rang very true:

She called it The Mother of all Obstacles: Disenchantment: ‘I miss my passion so much. Did I ever have it? Or is that just a passion for success? I miss the freedom I used to have to get carried away with my work.’

Zarr called her speech the speech she wished someone had written. I’m so glad she did.

And so without further ado I’ll link you to Candy’s excellent reporting of what she said. I’m going back to work. As I’m sure you will too after you’ve read this: Happy Writing!

photo by brandsvig (flickr)

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