Procrastination – The Sequel

You probably have your gems but just in case you’re running out of ideas. I know I am!

10. Have children.

9. Start tweeting.

8. Watch Rebecca Ferguson on Youtube. Over and over and over.

7. Check out property online in Western Australia.

6. Run a nit comb through your hair. Just in case.

5. Try to get rid of your excess books. It will take up hours of time and the two slim tomes you manage to part with will be put firmly back in the bookcase by your husband.

4. Push back the skin of your face to see what you looked like 20 years ago.

3. Spy on the neighbors. Wonder if guns and ammunition could fit in the Amazon packages they seem to receive daily.

2. Start a blog.

1. Research plastic surgery options like this.


photo by Emilie Ogez (flickr)


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7 responses to “Procrastination – The Sequel

  1. Procrastinating is the one thing I never put off until tomorrow.

    Thanks for the ideas – my corollary to #2 is to compulsively check blog stats every fifteen minutes and obsess about whether it’s one person rechecking twenty-five times or twenty-five people hitting the homepage and saying, “Meh. Forget it.”

    Checking other people’s blogs is good for a couple hours, too!

  2. Other ideas for procrastination with vague feelings of accomplishment are baking bread (there is after all a result), walking the dog (you’re caring for another living thing, God knows this is not for you), phone an elderly friend (annoyingly they haven’t the faintest idea about computers so it really is altruistic to pick up that phone) and the not to be forgotten must: napping
    (you do look ‘rested’ and it’s cheaper than sugery).
    By the time you’ve procrastinated with these you’ll be aching to get back to work.

  3. Thanks for the smile.
    Now, where IS that nit comb.

  4. ahahahahaha – Trisha, we seem to have parallel procrastination tactics. I’ve become very interested in baking lately and my poor dogs are sick of going for walks 🙂

  5. ninakillham

    Thank you, fellow procrastinators. It’s good to know I’m not alone! I even mopped the floor the other day. You know things are bad when the mop and pail come out…

  6. Lisa

    Nina – this frightens me because much of this is my daily routine….add facebooking to the list and change my property searching tomostly local areas – but now you’ve given me the great idea of looking for property internationally! Can I afford it?..absolutely not, but who cares!

  7. Nina, this is so funny – I look at farm property in Southern New South Wales (well they keep sending me stuff). I don’t have a nit comb but I do have two big furry dogs wot collect stickers on they fur. Always need a flash grooming. :-0

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