Zen and the Art of Doing Handstands in the Pool

I took my son to his swimming lesson today and afterwards, instead of rushing away to complete a long list of errands, I let him play in the pool.

For the next half hour I watched him splash and make shapes in the water. He made circles and question marks, even triangles with his sleek body. He swam and dove and thought of nothing but the wet water and its silky feel against his skin.

I watched him in his funny little swim cap and his blue goggles which gave him the air of an elfin super hero. His smooth body encased in regulation blue swim trunks. His little pink toes sticking out every which way as he yet again flicked his body over and dove for the bottom. Where, as anyone knows, lies the power and silence of an aqua universe.

Around him swam an assortment of people, executing frog kicks and breast strokes–even a half decent free style. The winter light outside darkened and the huge window on the side of the building became a mirror, doubling my moment of zen. I listened to the whaa whaa of the pool acoustics. And watched the worms of white light wiggling on the sparking blue water.

My wristwatch ticked at me impatiently but I decided to do nothing but look and listen and be in the moment.  I remembered my son as a baby and pictured him as the young man he so soon will be. And I thought how much I wish upon him a life time of these moments when nothing is accomplished except for bliss.


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5 responses to “Zen and the Art of Doing Handstands in the Pool

  1. This post was … blissful. Thank you. I want to feel like that again. Reading this helped.

  2. ninakillham

    Thanks, Candy. Yes, unfortunately they are too few and far between….

  3. Thanks again, Nina. Just what I needed.

  4. Why are these experiences so rare? I am older than you and my son is in his prime with family and career of his own. I love to remember similar moments such as a time when he was three and I was rushing him (and me) out the door for those errands. A battle of wills ensued because he wasn’t finished with a painting project. I decided to give in. I dropped to the floor with purse and other paraphernalia and found your zen experience watching him discover the soothing texture of tempera.

  5. lisa knaggs

    I could feel it, thank you.

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