Why I love Twitter…so far

I’m sorry to bang on about Twitter.

But it is fun.

Still don’t have the hang of it, and still feel a bit strange sprouting my thoughts in neat 140 characters out into the deep blue ether.

But for me it’s not what I’m saying that’s interesting, it’s what the others are.

I was trying to explain to someone the other night why I liked it so much and all I could think was that it was like having a box full of your really cool things. Like you did when you were a kid.

You know the little wooden box, with that blue bird feather, the centennial coin, the rock you found in the woods that is shaped exactly like a heart, and the secret notes written by your best friend in pig Latin.

What’s even better is that this box talks and is endlessly coming up with new material.

I love my list of those I am following on Twitter. There are the obvious writers and publishing interests, but then there’s mathematician pop star Marcus du Sautoy. Or the guy I want to be when I grow up, Brian Cox. There’s the more esoteric like Lois Kackley who expounds on Emily Dickenson poems, or History of the Ancient . There’s save-the-planet Treehugger, and the big thoughts of Big Think. There’s the video link of Tedtalks and the intriguing CollabArtist. And my current favorite and most recent addition is a talking tree, mainly because it doesn’t talk so much. (Shheeesh, some of tweeters just never shut up!)

And don’t forget the late great Kurt Vonnegut who still tweets from the beyond.

picture by mollycakes (flickr)


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4 responses to “Why I love Twitter…so far

  1. I’m new at Twitter and so far enjoying the format. I just forget to Tweet very often. Maybe it’s time for an iphone. I will have to look up some of your favorites.

  2. ninakillham

    Hi JoDee, I just use my computer. Keeps me from being completely sucked into the big blue ether!

  3. V. Kathryn Evans

    I’ve had to ween myself away – twitter was sucking up more time than facebook – so social – I love it….

  4. ninakillham

    It is a time sucker. I tell myself just a peep and then find myself climbing out dazed two hours later. I wonder how many books have been lost to it.

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