Romeo and Juliet on Twitter

Juliet@DeadRomeo: Why live?

Romeo@DeadJuliet: WTF?

Paris: Nice vault. Too bad about the corpse.

FatherLaurence: Oops. @Romeo Come home quick!

Juliet@FatherLaurence I’m desperate!

Tybalt: RT Anybody know any good #sushi in Mantua?

Romeo: Anybody know any good #sushi in Mantua?

Juliet: I’m so misunderstood!

Capulet@Paris: She’s all yours.

Capulet: #Teenage girls, I tell ya. Growing up so fast these days.

Twitter is over capacity.

Juliet@Romeo: I don’t care! My love for u rocks on.

Romeo@Juliet: DM me…

Mercutio: Poxes on all your cribs.

Romeo @Mercutio: You call that a knife?

Tybalt@Mercutio: Yo! Where’s your friend, Romeo?

FatherLaurence @Romeo, @Juliet:  I now pronounce u….

Romeo @FatherLaurence: It’s complicated.

FatherLaurence @Romeo: Yesterday @Rosaline, today @Juliet, tomorrow…?

Juliet @Romeo: Good night, scrumptious prince.  Parting is such a delicious bummer.

Twitter is over capacity

Juliet @Romeo: Oh, Romeo, where r u?

Tybalt: Capulet #bastards die!

Paris: Dancing with Juliet! She’s like totally awesome.

Romeo: Love city!

Juliet @Romeo: You’re well fit.

photo by ihave3kids (flickr)


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7 responses to “Romeo and Juliet on Twitter

  1. Hilarious, Nina! Love it: Tybalt: RT Anybody know any good #sushi in Mantua?

  2. V. Kathryn Evans

    Fantastic Nina :O)

  3. Sue Hyams


    This is utterly brilliant!


  4. ninakillham

    Thanks, Sue! Crazy place that Twitter. But fun!

  5. Twitter is over capacity – Haaaaaaaa!

    Fantastic, thank you for a sensational laugh.

  6. Lisa

    Hysterical – was laughing out loud!

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