They just shot David Copperfield

I know I’m way behind on this but I can’t believe they killed Stringer Bell. Now for those of you who don’t know who Stringer Bell is, what on earth have you been doing with your life???

Run, do not walk, to the nearest internet outlet and buy yourself the complete set of The Wire.

You have missed the greatest show on earth.

Shakespearean, Dickensian.

Killing Stringer Bell is like taking down David Copperfield.

I have lost the will to live.

Besides his being oh, such a pleasure to watch, he was an extraordinary complex character.

A meticulous bourgeous trying to emerge from a tough chaotic street chrysalis.

My husband and I bought the DVD set late last year and have been systematically working our way though. We rub our hands with glee when we prounounce an evening a Wire night, hurrying our children to bed, toes tapping impatiently as they languidly brush their teeth, unclasping their arms around our necks as they say their prolonged good nights.

Even the kids know what we’re up to.

“You going down to watch that Wire thing, aren’t you?” my daughter called after my retreating back.

Then we sit back on the couch, grin at each other and flick on the dvd player.

But after last night’s episode we lay stunned in front of the credits, horrified and yet impressed with the writers audacity.

And of course it makes me think about writing in general and reminds me what makes fabulous writing tick:

Flawed but likeable characters.
A detailed setting.
Conflict, conflict, conflict.

Really, so simple.


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4 responses to “They just shot David Copperfield

  1. I mourn for your loss.

    And I agree with you about flawed characters and (unfortunately) the need to mess with them. I’m at the point in my MS where I’m going to have to hurt one of my favorite characters.

    The impulse is to minimize the damage and make it a narrow escape with heroic rescue rather than a devastation, to spare this wonderful person who is trying so hard . . . but taking it easy with my characters won’t make a good story . . .

    Why the #&#*$ did I want to be a writer, anyway?

  2. I’ve heard a ton of mojo about this series….from everyone!

    It’s on the list…right after Breaking Bad.

  3. ninakillham

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said what happened to him. I felt like I was the last person to have watched it. Oops.

  4. no worries. I forget where I put my keys every morning…I’m sure I’ll forget which character bites it by the time I get to watching the show

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