Trying to Stay Away from Facebook, Not Doing a Very Good Job…

I recently found two people who are not on Facebook.

Like, how is that possible? I cried.

And yet, here they were. Walking amongst us. Two decent, hardworking, ordinary folk who manage to get through the day without proclaiming their status, checking out their status, or worrying about their lack of status.

They are not spying on their children. Nor are they perusing photos of their highschool sweethearts. They are not trading fake eggs from fake chickens. Or trolling their friend’s friends list in search of yet another connection.

They even communicate by email.

I dedicate the following (which I, of course, found on Facebook. Thanks, Jill) to them. I won’t print their names. I won’t embarrass them any further.

But they know who they are.


photo by hddod (flickr)



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7 responses to “Trying to Stay Away from Facebook, Not Doing a Very Good Job…

  1. Hi Nina–
    Just catching up on my writing friends. I’m also not on Facebook! Oh, I’ve been invited by several friends to join, but I’d much rather walk over to their homes and bang on the door or set up a table in my front yard, put out a pitcher of sangria, and see what happens! I’ve started borrowing things from neighbors–an egg, a cup of sugar (no joke), a hot glue gun, a DVD, a lemon–just to have some Facelook. Hahahaha!
    I hope you’re well and, as Wendell Berry urges, avoiding screens, living the 3D life.
    Too bad our paths don’t cross in DC! Cheers! Maria

  2. Having just recently joined FB I can’t quite figure it out so I think (with emphasis, no italics option) it’s a good thing but not sure and I have sooooo many friends who are not on it, of course (because after all, I am inundated -more emphasis- with friends) – truthfully, it’s ok once or twice a week, unless you’re living in a temporary rental with all work accoutrements locked away in storage and are slowly going bananas with a dog and his issues of abandonment. At the risk of sounding corny, I am happier using the time catching up on some fab reading with the occassional wink in the computer’s direction…but maybe I am not as digitally social as I thought I had become.

  3. ninakillham

    I fear it takes too much time from any fab reading I do. I think I need to start putting a big cover over my computer like over a parrot’s cage….

  4. I stayed away from Facebook for a while, but I gave in in January xD Now I’m a facebook-noob like almost everyone else.


    Several months ago I had what can only be called “social network” nervous breakdown. I had a new website I was working on, 1 my space account, 2 tumblr blogs, 3 facebook accounts, 2 blogger accounts, 1 wordpress, and 3 twitter accounts. One of the twitter accounts was for my cat for goodness sakes! When you find yourself tweeting “meow, meow” you really need to seek help. Now I am down to 1 FB account, 1 wordpress, 1 blogger, and 2 tumblr blogs. Whew!!! I have forced myself to ignore FB for days at a time and I notice how much more time I have in my day. The “friends” on my list don’t even know I’m gone………

  6. I’m not on Facebook, either. or Twitter.

    I know how I get, and I like to see my family on occasion . . . and maybe write a little . . .

  7. ninakillham

    Hi Sarah, you are to be commended for resisting and for spending your time with real people!

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