Home again…

I’m back in Washington DC, looking after aging parents for a bit. It’s the perfect time to be in DC–the budding cherry blossoms, the riotous daffodils, the smell of Obama’s healthcare win in the air.

I woke up early this morning and picked up the home-delivered Washington Post and gorged myself on the articles, many of which describe the hardships many locals are going through due to the recession, poignant stories of food banks and job searches.

Then I turned to a stack of Washingtonians, the magazine about all things Washington. I’m always amazed, when reading it, at how successful everyone is and how many ads there are for plastic surgery!  And yet their yearly Washingtonians of the Year highlights those who have really tried to help those in great need.

It seems to sum up so much about the western world these days: A lot of people hurting, a lot of people trying to help, a lot of people getting boob jobs. 

To quote the late great Kurt Vonnegut, and so it goes….



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5 responses to “Home again…

  1. juliet erickson

    Loving your blog, Nina. As ever.

  2. Pam Lawson

    Just enjoying your blog, Nina, and procrastinating about getting on with work. I particularly liked the one about your neighbour. I hate it when people move away. Part of you goes with them.

    Enjoy Washington. It’s freezing here. Raining on and off. snowing up north. But I do like the way Britain shuts down for Easter, giving epople precious time to re-group and touch base. Take care.

  3. am going thru the legion of magazines hauled around my nomadic life and just saw (maybe a New Yorker?) cartoon- 2 versions of the Mona Lisa- 1st, as on view at the Louvre; 2nd after 1 year in the US with obscenely humongous boobs, wrinkle-less shiny skin and overly open eyes…egads she’s hideous! Like Vegas, uniquely US, bummer…
    my love to your parents, especially your mum! xoxo

  4. Hi Nina,

    I write on many blogs, but no one thanks me. I see peepers. I caught your thank you on Earth. Do writers live in another universe?

    In writers’ arrogance, many misunderstand what being personable means. They are nothing without readers or their fans. I saw my reality, when you thanked me. Too many take and don’t give. Is there something wrong with that picture?

    Why would I write on sites, stand in lines, go online, or sit in the audience of a writer selling books with no manners?

    You are a Victorious Woman with the right attitude. Writers learn from Nina.

    Vivian Dixon Sober

  5. Hello Nina,

    Thank you for taking care of your parents. You appear to know your priorities.

    Changing the subject to your subject: selfish people living in fictional worlds. No one has money. Everyone is out of work, but people who have money flaunt it on showcasing their mansions, their re-constructed bodies. The world is full of superficial people concerned about themselves. Plastic surgery is a phony purchase.

    Youth is fleeting, but true wisdom is beautiful and a crown I work towards. Youth left me in body only–not in spirit.

    I am concerned about my physical appearance, but not enough to stretch all the wrinkles out of my skin, to lift this or tuck that. If I did all of this, I’d be interfering with the natural aging process. I’d look like a raisonette wannabe, and it wouldn’t change my age. Therefore, I say, I am me. I am what you see. I don’t use Photoshop to enhance my appearance. If I did, you wouldn’t recognize me. I am not a teen.

    I connect with people and causes. Hopefully, I can help change someone’s life for the better.

    Vivian Dixon Sober

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