This is London

I am sitting at the Costa on Green Lanes in North London, drinking a flat white, an Australian import. It was made for me by a Slovakian woman and sold to me by her compatriot, a polite young woman with weary eyes. I am waiting while my daughter practices her character-writing in Chinese school. Around me Turkish men sit in groups of  two and three, drinking small Americanos. Next to me, an Asian couple sip cappuccinos while their young girl, 7 or 8 years old, writes studiously in a notebook.

Outside patrolling is a car park attendant, his Taleban-chic beard skimming his fluorescent jacket. An African woman has just walked by in her Saturday best, a traditional dress and headscarf in gloriously shocking pink.

My husband is at home with my son waiting for the Indian man to arrive who will give our budgies a nicer home in his aviary in Kent. Later my son will play with his friend whose mother is French. My daughter will no doubt play with her friend whose father is Danish.

Tonight we might go out to our favorite and cheap Vietnamese restaurant.

This is London.

photo by maistora (flickr)


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6 responses to “This is London

  1. This is what I LOVE about living in London.

  2. ninakillham

    It’s great, isn’t it? Thanks for writing….

  3. juliet erickson

    Yes Yes…I miss it Nina!

  4. ninakillham

    And we miss you! Come on back, Juliet, for another coffee…

  5. Chris Forman

    I liked that about London too. Very cosmopolitan. Talking to a Chinese man with a heavy British accent and having an Indian girl ask if it for take away (love that expression) were fun, but I really enjoyed talking to Londoners in a pub.

    I remember too that I was a bit disappointed with Dublin for some of the reasons you mention. It wasn’t Irish enough. Polish bartender, Pakistani pizzeria, etc.

  6. I’m always shocked when I visit other british cities/towns – for the most part they’re not nearly so multi-cultural nor are the people as open minded. For the most part!

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