Book Club Queen

The good thing about being a writer is that sometimes when you’re on holiday things happen. Like a review of Believe Me and an interview with the Book Club Queen.

I personally think that internet book reviewers should be given a medal. In a time when it is very difficult to get any sort of publicity they keep the fires burning. Book Club Queen’s site is impressive: interviews, reviews and general news. The amount of work she does must be exhausting. So please take this time to clap with me.

Here’s the review.

Here’s the interview.

It’s been a grand holiday in Western Australia. We went camping in Karijini National Park which is a vast rugged wilderness. We swam in the magnificent cold gorges, letting the warm waterfalls temper the chill. We turned red from the gorgeous iron ore dirt. At night, we camped in the bush and had a young dingo sniffing around at dinner time looking for scraps. And the stars, oh my stars: Orion, the Southern Cross, the Milky Way, all burning bright in an endless black sky.

Next stop was Coral Bay: a pristine, near secluded beach where all we had to do to snorkle was wade through the turquoise water to the deeper blue and look down to find ourselves nose to nose with turtles, sting rays (eek!) , lion fish, parrot fish, pink snapper and beautiful swirls of coral. 

Right now we’re having a lovely stay in Bunbury with my husband’s parents. My daughter is learning to knit and my son is becoming a demon Scrabble player.

At the end of the week, we’re off down south to Margaret River to the wine country. This will be fun….

Oh, and am I getting any writing done? Um….not really.



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4 responses to “Book Club Queen

  1. Miranda

    When are you back? We’d love to see you before the summer is out! We’ve been cruising the Med and plan on watching annual star showers tonight – can’t match your starry Antipodean heavens, I know, but will remind us that we’re all in the same universe! Miranda x

  2. Nina,

    Your vacation in Australia sounds amazing. Glad you’re having a good time. Glad to hear your writing career is going well.

    Keep in touch.

  3. ninakillham

    Hey there, the Med sounds wonderful! We don’t get back until beginning of September. Just squeeking in for school. But let’s chat about a later time. It would be so good to see you again. xxxx

  4. Lorraine M

    Hi Nina Kebra & I had a look at your ‘Believe Me’ book review & interview, I must say we’re looking forward to reading it now. Keep up the good work see you Monday for the long awaited ‘Pendarren Experience’ trip. X

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