Taking care of Mom

mother and child

My mother recently had a stroke. And I have come back home to help my father out. My sister has been here (a couple of times). My nieces have been here. And now it is my turn. She is on the mend. But it will all take time.

My mother has been surprised at all the help she’s received, the cards of support, the food dropped off in Tupperware, the relatives eager to hear any news. I am not. Because that’s life. What goes around, comes around. She gave, she will now receive. 

Gotta go. I have tea and toast to make….

photo by kimblahg of Klimt’s Mother and Child (flickr)


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2 responses to “Taking care of Mom

  1. Lisa

    Nina – I’ll say a prayer for your Mom…and for you too. This is the age where the caretaking reverses – I hope all goes well and she is on the mend soon.

  2. ninakillham

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much. Just got back home. Kids in one piece but lots of laundry! xx

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