The 7 Habits of Highly Procrastinating People.

7 habitsMy husband laughs at me when I climb into bed with all my self help books. With fabulous, life-zapping titles like “How To Be A Winner,” “Your Power Within (somewhere, maybe, if you look behind your 3rd rib),” “Women Who Worry too Much and Those Who Can’t Be Bothered”…

I get them at our local library. I’m positive the staff would laugh hilariously if I brought them to the counter but luckily the library has switched to self-automated machines which have so far managed to keep their opinions to themselves.

I read them in a vain attempt to find that key to a highly productive, worry-free, 24-horse power writing zone.

But nothing they have said had more resonance than the conversation I had with Sarah Swan who won the Women’s 10 K at the Crouch End Fun Run.

I ran into her after the race and not being a 10 K runner and trying to make conversation I asked “So, did you have fun?”

“No, it was horrible. I hated every minute of it.” And then she smiled. “But I won.”

I remind myself of her words when I’m writing my ten pages in long hand (about 1000 words for me—I write big) hating every minute of it. Because she’s right. It’s never going to be fun. But if I can keep this up for 55 more days (more or less) I will have 75000 word of a first draft and I will have won too.

photo by this is your brain on… (flickr)


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