Recession Art

recessionThe other day, the New York Times ran an interesting invitation for artists to tell how the recession has been treating them. “What effect is the economy having on your life and work as an artist, writer, actor, or musician?”

Essentially it was a chance for many of the respondents, including me, to write a little something and then add a link to our website. But as someone astutely pointed out. What is the point of that when the only other people reading it are other starving artists?

Still, the ensuing roll of postings was fascinating. All these creative people working at projects often with no hope of financial benefit. And I loved some of the link names like creativechick, couplaswells, lalalalaidoff and artisteextraordinaire.

Many thought the recession will separate the wheat from the chaff but actually what it will mainly do is weed out those who can’t afford or have the energy to keep doing it on the side.

And then this posting by Kevin Sink caught my eye:

“I refuse to participate in the recession. I’ve pretty much quit watching television news, tucked my head down, sleep even less to work more on marketing and trying new techniques and approaches to my work.”

We basically have two choices, he says: innovate and grow or panic and wither.

He’s working so that when the economy gets back he’ll be ready.

I’ve put his words up above my computer.

photo by Milton CJ (flickr)



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2 responses to “Recession Art

  1. Where is this article?? I want to print off his words as well!

  2. ninakillham

    It’s in the artsbeat blog called Attention, Artists (the link on my blog should lead you to it). Kevin Sink is number 148, replying on April 24 at 6:17 am to be exact. Yes, cool dude.

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