Oink Oink Flu

swine-flu2I have half a mind to run to the closed schools in London and run my children’s hands over any surfaces hoping they will pick up the swine flu virus. Because as of now it seems to be quite mild. And, if the 1918 version is anything to go by, a stronger version in the autumn is supposed to come back and wipe us all out. So if we got it now we’d have the antibodies in the fall and be would be sitting pretty. Starving and thirsty and horribly scared because all society would fall apart. But alive.

But then today there was this article.

So who knows what is in store.

And yes, for those, oh, one or two, of you out there who are wondering why so few blogs now, well I decided not to blog every day.

Because one, who cares?

And two, who cares?

I think I was starting to approach it as a marathon. Damn it, I can do this. I can. I told myself I would try to do it for a year. But luckily for me I went on vacation and got a life.

And found that I loved not having to look at life through the eyes of a webmonster. (Can you say that again? I’d like to use it in my blog.) I loved not having to stop in the mid-morning rush and publish. And I loved not having to think about it.

Of course, no one was putting a gun to my head.

But there is a fine line between self expression, keeping in touch and…rambling. Not saying I’m no longer rambling but here is the new, not really improved, version of my blog: weekly. For now.


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  1. Your sister

    i say it’s spinach and i say the hell with it

    edward killham
    paraphrasing some popeye character i beleive….

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