budgie-sittingIt’s Monday and time is running out for me to deal with budgie care while we’re away. This is why I don’t like to get pets. Because I am the one stuck with the job of calling in all my favors to take care of these poop-tossing, feather-plucking bird-brains.

At this point, I am seriously considering wringing a couple of necks and then getting two new ones when we get back. The kids won’t know. If they’re not the right color, I’ll dye them.

And just think dinner would be taken care of: Two luscious mouthfuls.

So I’ve been perusing the internet for some possible recipes. And this looks like a winner:

Budgie with Cherries

2 budgies with attitude
1 ox bacon fat
2 sliced spring onions
1 oz flour
1 bouquet garni
½ pound stoned red cherries
½ oz butter
1 ½ pint stock

Brown the budgies in the dripping in the casserole. Lift them out and in the same fat, brown the spring onions. While the onions are browning split the budgies in half and trim the backbone with the scissors. Sprinkle the flour in the pan and brown lightly. Add the stock, bring to the boil and add the budgies with the bouguet garni…

And if you’ve read this far me thinks you’re seriously deranged….

photo by steepways (flickr)


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4 responses to “Budgie-sitting

  1. Your sister

    Maybe a pet exchange with a classmate? You get theirs when you get back? Is there a budgie rescue group in London. maybe a member might take them off your hands ’til a future date.

  2. Chris Forman

    Perhaps the pet store from the Monty Python series would be willing to take them in for a bit.

  3. I must be seriously deranged.

    That was absolutely hysterical!

    You’ve given me ideas on what to do with the two fish in the swamp tank in my daughter’s room when we leave. Perhaps they could be an appetizer to go with your Budgie with Cherries…sort of like a shrimp cocktail except it would be goldfish and plecko cocktail.

    Do you think PETA reads your blog 😉

  4. ninakillham

    Ooo, yes, crispy fish fingers, Asian chili fish, rosemary fish pie….

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