Monkey See

monkey-seeYup, me too. AlphaInventions.

If you’re wondering why so many blogs all seem to be mentioning AlphaInventions lately it’s because if you do, their search engine will pick up your blog and refer back to you.

Or something like that.

Basically, your stats will jump through the roof.

So sorry about this. Yet another blog about AlphaInventions. I must say though this surf site for blogs is pretty amazing. In a brief time you can experience the vast range of the human mind at work. It’s like a hyper version of a photo montage screen saver.

In a ten second span you’ll see blogs about Korean heart throbs, fighting cancer, bug photos, field hockey, a spiritual journey involving horses, a strange one concerning a web cam and one hot German housewife. There’s even a whole blog about pillows. And in different languages too: Japanese, Spanish, Russian, but mainly English.

Some of the titles are great: Revolution Earth, Riot Wife, Staying Single and Sleeping triple.

It all just reminds me what an amazing species we are.

Space aliens, when they take over in the future, will scratch their heads thinking man, they might look all the same but they sure have a lot of different opinions!

photo by Korso87 (flickr)

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