Blogging Sisterhood

sisterhoodawardA friend of mine, Fiona Dunbar, was kind enough to nominate me for a sisterhood of blogs. I want to return the favor because, one, I like her and, two, she runs a great blog. Much more interesting than mine, her ruminations on her favorite childrens books is a must read.

The problem is I don’t really read a lot of other blogs regularly. I’m so me, me, me. The blogs I do read I usually have found while researching something.

But I did finally come up with a list. So here are the other nine:

Daphne Brogdon of Coolmom. She just makes me laugh, often while tackling quite serious issues.

Jenny Nazak writes Trailer Park Girl. It’s all about permaculture and sustainability and is so alternative half the time I don’t even know what she’s talking about. But I’m glad she’s out there giving it a go. Read her About Me. It’s fascinating.

Another one from Austin and another one about sustainability is written by a friend of mine, Lisa Knaggs. BarkforPeace blog is mainly a love letter to dogs. I recommend it to all dog lovers because it is so Texanly over the top.

I ran into Humanist Mama while researching for my novel, Believe Me. She just seems like a very sane, nice lady.

Lisa Duffy-Korpic’s Tales from a Dog Catcher. I met her online and I just like her. She’s friendly. She’s encouraging. She’s lovely. What can I say?

I love Hannah Hudsons’ Stonehousephoto blog. Not only because she’s my niece but because it shows off gorgeous photos and gives a real feel of what it’s like to live in Northern Wisconsin: Brrrrr! Feast your eyes on the Polar Bear Plunge and brides flashing garters in the snow.

Though not really a blog I love the letters Meg Rosoff posts occasionally on her website. I also think her website is very cool. So is Mark Haddon’s but he’s a brother not a sister and I think I’m supposed to stick to sisters. Far be it for me to push the envelope.

I wish Amy C. Fredericks, who is an astronomer and who I also met while researching Believe Me, would do all the postings she does on Facebook on her blog Stargirl. They are mostly star-based and wonderfully eclectic. I’ve nudged her. See what happens.

But the best, best, best blog is ta-da: Candy Gourlay’s Notes from a Slush Pile. I’ve mentioned her before but she is still my favorite. She’s incredibly interesting and informative and funny. And in the same blog she manages to kick me in the behind and to remind me not take it too seriously. An impressive feat.

I’m looking for a sister who blogs about maths. If anyone out there can steer me to her I would be infinitely grateful.



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2 responses to “Blogging Sisterhood

  1. Thanks for the mention Nina! I love this sisterhood of blogs idea…maybe Jasmine could be a blogging fan in your sequel 🙂

  2. lisa knaggs

    Thanks for the nod! Maybe I’ll start blogging again- but so over the top “Texanly”…really??? Can I still do that from Colorado? 🙂

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