Facebook Reconnect

facebook-reconnectI had my first Facebook face to face reconnect last week.

On Friday I met a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in, oh my gosh, way too many years to mention here. And though I didn’t know him all that well at school it was very easy to recognize him. Of course his worried look and hesitant ‘Nina?’ helped too.

He is doing an MBA (his second) on environmental sustainability and was in town on a program to hear from British big cheeses about their thoughts on the issue.

After the rueful counting of the years–Can it have been that long? Oh, yes, it can–we spent the time wandering around the British Museum ignoring the multi-century-old treasures and catching up. Discovering what happened in our lives to date. And to anybody else that we knew about.

We are at a time when we are–OK, not at the end of life–but fully in it. A time when things have happened. We’ve made serious decisions and are living their consequences. People have stories: loss of loved ones, careers derailed, accidents, life.

And yet we lucky ones are still here, trying our best to make something of this life we’ve been given.

Mark is interesting because he is planning on changing careers. After 20 odd  years of sales he’s looking to explore new avenues, making me wonder that if we meet again in twenty years what stories he will have then.

On a personal level I was curious to see how it’s been to be an American in the States for the last eight years. Not easy, he admitted. And though there is still lots of work to be done, there is now for many a sense that the moral nightmare is over. Although an economic one is in full brew.

After wandering around Bloomsbury and over to Covent Garden—yup, a far cry from halls of high school—we said good bye. A hug. And a great feeling that time and distance can fade away in such an increasingly small world.


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