Cynical Kids


Sometimes the cynicism of my kids takes my breath away.

They’ll say when passing a McDonald’s, Oh, yeah like that’s really healthy. Not.

And I think, is nothing sacred?

Now I know I was the one who has been anti McDonalds and anti advertising from day one. But it still surprises me when my cynicism is sprouted back at me from the mouths of babes.

It just seems like such a cynical world my kids are living in. Everyone’s rolling their eyes and laughing at the silliness of everyone else.

I came home the other day and found them entrenched in front of the Simpsons. I sat down with them and watched a few. It does have a moral at the end but to get there, man, they take everyone down. And yes, maybe many of us are stupid and ignorant. But what kind of world is that to grow up in?

My daughter watched St. Trinian’s the other day on a play date. She came home practically repeating it verbatim. And it does sound funny and clever. But I watched amazed as my ten year old laughed about the drug dealings of one teacher and sexual escapades of another.

So I took her to the movies this weekend to see the movie The Young Victoria. I thought a nice old fashioned PG love story was in order: Nice guy takes a bullet for his lady. Good traditional fun. With lots of great clothes and grand palatial sets.

So how did you like it? I asked afterwards.

It was good, she said, but… She hesitated.


Too much kissing, she said, shocked.

I laughed. Sometimes real emotions are shocking.

It was just what the anti-cynicism doctor ordered.

photo by .Martin. (flickr)


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One response to “Cynical Kids

  1. Irma

    Is she too young to see “Slumdog Millionaire”?
    This film has everything – a modern-day love story that’s inspirational and life-affirming, a real delight.

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