In Our Times

particlesI listened to the program In Our Times on BBC’s Radio 4 yesterday while driving home from dropping off the kids. Yes, I know we should have walked but…well, I have no excuse.

Anyway, I loved listening to this talk on quantum mechanics because one, I found it fascinating, and two, I didn’t understand a word of it. But it was so much fun to listen to this other world that does not adhere to our natural laws.

Particles just do not care.

Today’s program was about the Measurement Problem in Physics. All about how physicist Edwin Schrodinger’s cat does not actually exist—it is the subject of a thought experiment—in which the rules of quantum mechanics make it appear both dead and alive at the same time.

Cool, no?

Melvyn Bragg’s programs are great. To hear them, just go to the Radio 4 website, scroll down to In Our Times where you have several archives to choose from: science, philosophy, current affairs, culture, history and religion.

Just pick your poison. Below is a small sampling under Science alone:

Neuroscience—does the brain rule the mind
Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem—the dirty Secrets of Maths
The Multiverse—the universe is not enough
The Fibonacci Sequence—the numbers in nature

Doesn’t it all make you drool?

Plus anytime the Brits speak, I just want to genuflect because they always sound like they know what they’re talking about.

photo by roxelo’s (flickr)



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4 responses to “In Our Times

  1. Tracy Chevalier

    Nina, I listened to that programme too, and also didn’t understand a word! Unlike your positive reaction, it made me feel like I am losing my mind. Plus those crazy scientists/philosophers just seemed to live in a vacuum. I bet they aren’t worrying about what to cook for dinner!

  2. ninakillham

    So true! And yes, cooking dinner is completely beyond me some nights. Hey, kids, how about pasta again?

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  4. abbas ali

    i found the programme to be very intresting especially about when the obsever was being observed by the observer, i may have got that slightly wrong. i have been studying this form of thinking for many years but always thought i was mad, but now i realise i am completely saine.

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