Power Pigs

power-pigsI want my kids to grow up to be Brian Cox. Now this is a man who enjoys his work. Just look at his Wikipedia entry: physicist, television presenter, former keyboard player for the pop group D:Ream.

I am not worthy.

His latest science show for the BBC has him cruising around the States in a convertible red mustang, top down, talking to really cool scientists.

The last one I saw was fascinating. All about harnessing the sun’s nuclear fission to create unlimited power for the planet. And it’s amazing how close we are. Many of the scientists put the date to be about 15, 20 years away. Which, if the last 15 years are anything to go by, will be here in about two seconds.

But then I started thinking. Unlimited power. Would that be a good thing?

And yes, of course, for those without it, it would bring heating or, more importantly, cooling, as parts of the world start to roast. I love these Radio 4 programs which start your day by telling us we’re all gonna die!!!

But I suspect for the rest of us, the already overly-indulged, it will just mean that we’ll get even more ridiculous. More hooked on energy. We’ll have more cars and more lights and more planes and more silly gadgets.

Because we can.

I read this very interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor by Amy Hardin Turosak about how we might avoid being power pigs. Her answer?  Go thrifty. I like the article because before reading it I always felt slightly a little sheepish shopping in charity shops.

Now I feel like a true blue green.

photo by Simon Goldenberg


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