Post Birthday Girl

camden-townI know you’re wondering. How did he do?

In a word? Beautifully.

To preface, for Christmas my husband gave me a card with a drawing of a leather jacket in it because I had mentioned that I would like one. It was a promissory note. But I hate shopping and I knew I would never be able to pick one so I never took him up on it. Just like he’s never taken me up on the guitar lessons I gave him (picture of a guitar in a card) how many years ago now?

So four o’clock on Saturday he announced we had to get ready and the four of us went off by bus and tube to an unknown destination. We arrived in Camden Town which was heaving with fabulous freaks and young people out to party.

He said, You get to choose which tattoo you’d like.

Tres funny. No, we were here to choose a leather jacket. We started strolling down the road with its endless shops selling water bongs, brass studded bracelets, black thigh-high boots in search of a leather shop. The kids, eyes a-popping,  loved it. When we went into one shop I thought Oh, god I’ll never be able to find what I want. But eventually, after the kids had pulled most of the jackets off the hangers to show me, I did. And I am now the proud owner of two leather jackets because I couldn’t decide if I wanted the short one or the long one.

When the salesman first said, Why don’t you get both? we laughed.

For you, he said, special price.

And we laughed again.

But the price just kept going down and down and down. And we realized we completely misplayed our cards. We should have tried to get a discount on just one jacket. But when he told us the price we stupidly didn’t bat an eyelid. Dumb, dumb, dumb. So the only way to get a discount was to buy two.

And with that kind of reasoning, you can see why the world economy is in such bad shape.

But I walked out happy and well leathered.

I’m not going to say how much it was, but it was a very ,very good price.

Special price.

Credit crunch? What credit crunch?


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