Amazon Ratings

amazon-ratingsI have a problem.

My rating for my book, Mounting Desire, is dreadful. It’s fine on In fact it’s five stars. But here in the UK it’s 2 ½ stars.

The book is supposed to be a spoof on romances. But in the UK it was published as a romance by an imprint called Little Black Dress. The readers are not pleased.

The reason I’m feeling pressure now is because I have just written a play based on the book. My agent is going to send it out next week. I’m worried that if any London producer decides to look at how the book is doing online, well, I’m screwed.

Now I have a couple of options:

I could email a round robin to friends and plead with them to set the story straight. It’s not that bad, they could write, really I read it and it’s not that bad…. But my friends are busy and I don’t think that’s in their job description.

I could be bolder and send out a plea to an extensive email listing that I have not been compiling. Like this one woman named Roz who somehow found my address and keeps emailing me about her books and how fabulous her career is going and would I please write her a fabulous review. To which my internal response is, Do I know you?

I could write my own review, tell them they just didn’t get it, and get rightfully zapped for it.

Or I could just continue to ignore it as I have been doing.

Does anybody out there have any better ideas?

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3 responses to “Amazon Ratings

  1. Your sister

    “It’s the satire stupid.”
    Unfortunate that the Harlequin readers were disappointed. They are certainly not your audience. Probably best to ignore it unless the reviews are funny in their own right (write).
    Humor is so personal.

  2. Lisa

    Mounting Desire was obviously satire…hysterical satire but also intelligent and at times the real laugh out loud parts were very subtle. This is in no way a regular romance book and I could imagine that a romance audience might truly not get the real gist of the book…or take it personally somehow, which if you think about it…is even more hysterical! …except of course if it effects your amazon numbers 😦

    Would the UK publisher be open to a subtitle that somehow clues in readers that this is a satirical send up of those Harlequin type books? Or adding a blurb on the cover about it being a “hysterical send up of those bodice-ripping romance novels…etc.”? A different cover that has a more comedic theme? I think it would make a great screenplay….I wish you the best of luck with it. I loved it…laughted all the way through.

  3. ninakillham

    Thank you so much! You are my new Best Friend Forever!

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