Internet Addiction


My internet addiction is so bad I can’t be at my computer for anytime without logging on. I can not keep myself from hitting that Firefox icon and floating away into cyberspace.

“I have no control,” says Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons. And I know what he means.

If I pause in my writing for the minutest second, that ‘s it. I’m off, flying through the cloud, checking out houses for sale in the Poconos, chortling at a mom blog, reading four online newspapers for the 15th time that day just to see if anyone’s blown up the world yet.

It has gotten so bad that to get any work done I have to go downstairs and write long hand in a note book and then transfer it later to the computer.

The problem is that when I go up to transfer it, off I go winging again, looking at chateaux in France, cheap facelifts in Bulgaria, fabulous holidays in Sri Lanka. Which then sets me off to discover just how dangerous safari-ing in a Tamil tiger strong hold can be….

China has labeled it an official addiction. Something which, of course, I found out zipping around the internet.

photo by hfb (flickr)


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