Which Person?

personI’ve been working on this new novel. The funny thing is I can’t decide on the most basic question: What person to write it in. So I’ve been writing it in all three. First, second and third. I just pick up in what ever person comes to me that day.

It’s going to be a hell of a mishmash when I’m finished but I figure I’ll deal with it later. And the tense keeps jumping around too.

It’s funny, every time I start a book, I think, OK this time it’s not going to take so long. This time I know what I’m doing. But every time it takes reams and reams of paper just to get to my starting point. I write probably about 40,000 words before I have a vague idea of my approach. It drives me nuts. Not only is it not easier, I think each book becomes more difficult.

I think it’s because the more I learn about writing the more I realize how little I know. Because for me writing is so little about writing. And maybe it shows! But for me it’s about effect. What effect am I trying to achieve. One of the main ones, I find, is not to bore anyone.

photo by Domcisme (flickr)


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