Juliet’s Fiddling

juliets-fiddlingI rented Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet and watched with my children the other night, zapping through the various stabbings and more heavy love scenes.

The DVD box said PG.

My daughter was appalled at the idea that Juliet was being married off. “But she’s only fourteen!” she cried. She started writhing on the couch in  embarrassment, horror, excitement? at all the kissing. Good thing I zapped through the heavier stuff with Olivia Hussey’s full charms laid bare. (I remember seeing the movie long ago when I was about 16 and wondering why I didn’t look remotely like that.)

My son, on the other hand, multitasking with his Nintendo, (I know, way too much screen time but it’s half term and I’ve run out of healthy options) glanced up occasionally whenever Romeo and his pals joshed around with each other. I can see Ben with his friends in 10 years being exactly like that. The bantering, the one-upping. I’m hoping they won’t be carrying swords. But it’s still all around us, isn’t it? The competition over stupid things turning into senseless violence. Nothing much has changed in 400 years.

The up side of all this was that Lara fell in love with the theme song and has been glued to YouTube rehitting Andrew Rieu’s version of it. She’s now raring to learn it on her violin. I’m hoping that will keep her busy until she’s 14 and well beyond…

photo by Fasterbit (flickr)


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