Bad Doggie!

bad-doggieLet me preface this blog with the fact that I like dogs. My family had dogs. I would love to have a dog someday. Dogs are great. BUT. I must say I do not wholly disagree with Giles Coren in this article where he basically says all dogs should be outlawed.

Ok, I’m not saying we should shoot every dog but there are too many of them in London. Some are scary, some leave their crap all over, some are way too friendly. Every time I go for a walk in our park some dog comes charging up to give me a big old sniff. And the owner (if I’m lucky) offers a weak, “Come on, Fido, here, boy.” Which of course the dog ignores.

I don’t let my children go sniffing people who are taking walks in the park. And if they did, I’d keep them on a leash.

I know I’m laying myself wide open to get creamed by rabid dog lovers here. Anything for some hits, eh?

No, what I’m really concerned with are the killer dogs. And it doesn’t seem to be a month that goes by without some sad story of a child being mauled to death. So yes, I do believe that dogs should be heavily restricted. Maybe only the blind and the over 65’s should be allowed to have dogs. Nice sweet, fluffy ones to keep them company. Everybody else? Get a hamster.

photo by Mikenpet (flickr)

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One response to “Bad Doggie!

  1. Your sister

    I never liked other people’s slobbery dogs or snotty, drooly children running up into my children’s faces either.
    Maybe the dogs need to keep their people on a shorter leash.

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