Having it All

having-it-allThere was an interesting article in The Times by Zoe Lewis about having it all. She regrets not settling down earlier to have a family. I feel for her. I was lucky. I found love, marriage and viable sperm at the ripe old age of 37.

While I’m not the most patient of mothers, “If you don’t do what I say this minute I’m throwing all your toys out of the window,” I can’t imagine living without my children. They have made me grow up. They have made me, occasionally, put others before myself. They have also placed me at the center of their universe which is not a bad place to be.

My mother once said to me when I seemed to be in no hurry to take marriage or beginning a family seriously, “It’s about time you take your place in society.” It has a quaint Austenian ring to it but it does make you think. And it is true that I have a place in society that is not extended to single childless women or men.

And while I get cranky and desperate for time off from the endless drudgery that is part of motherhood (I dream of a week in a cabin stocked with chocolate and silence) I know by the end of that time I’d be eager to get back if only to toss around a couple of new threats: “If you don’t practice piano this minute, I’m nuking the Nintendo!”

I have a lot. The trick, of course, is remembering that.

photo by loop_oh (flickr)

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