Sex 365

sex-365I told my husband about an article I read about a couple who had sex every day for a year. He looked horrified. Now I’m not disparaging my husband. I’m sure he’d be up for sex everyday. Just not with his wife.

The regime is supposed to cure low libido. I don’t know. I think a case of slimy oysters would be more tolerable. I mean, come on, how many of you have gone to bed thinking Ah, end of the day, no more cooking, cleaning, laundry, home work, work work, kids. Just a nice soft bed, a cheezy book and…zzzzz.

A doctor’s ordered quickie is just not going to appeal. But then again, I’m just a wife. What do I know?

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow…

photo by motleypixel (flickr)

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  1. andreym24

    I think that the doctor’s “order” is a great and relaxing way to end a busy day. Problem is that it takes two to tango on the same note.

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