Dust Bunnies

dust-bunniesThe problem with blogging is that you let your dirty laundry hang out. Now you know all about our mice, our lice… But you know what else we’ve got?

Dust bunnies.

Massive fuzzy monsters which lurk ready to pounce. They are breeding like rabbits under the furniture because I’m too lazy to clean under the furniture. Of course, I’m too lazy to clean around the furniture but that’s a different story.

I still remember a dinner party I gave a while back. Trying to impress my husband’s colleagues and feeling insecure, I opted for the whole show–the linen table cloth, white candles, a couple of forks to choose from. Midway through the second course, one of the guests dropped her earring and it rolled under the chest of drawers next to the dining table. I said, “I’ll get it,” and I cavalierly jumped from my seat, got a chopstick and swung it under the chest. And as it came back out, it trailed years of fuzz accumulation.

Heavy uncomfortable pause as I desperately tried to push it all back, but it seemed to grow in the oxygen and light and I had to spend a couple of minutes down on my knees shoving those bunnies back under.

Well, it just about put everyone right off their dinner. And they started peering really closely at their forks to see what else I’d left lying around.

Moral of that story?

If a guest drops something under your furniture tell them you’ll mail it back.

photo by keuynish (flickr)


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One response to “Dust Bunnies

  1. Your sister

    I only clean under things when our mother is coming. Doesn’t everybody?

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