partyMy very good friends, Mark and Madi, opened up their home and threw a double publication party for me and my husband, Andrew. It was incredibly generous of them. Friends came and we nibbled on Madi’s homemade sushi and potstickers and drank warm sake.

It’s the first time we’ve celebrated the publication of any of our books in the UK. Consequently, neither Andrew nor I were sure what to do. Nothing, said Madi, just be happy. And so we were. Pleased as punch and incredibly touched that our circle of friends came out for the occasion, bringing cards, little gifts and big smiles.

Man, if that’s not an incentive to get back to the drawing board I don’t know what is. I felt I’d been helped to send my book off in style and therefore was able to move to the next. For me the party was a wonderful closure. Of course, Andrew comes up with far fewer reasons why he can’t write. He just sits down and does it.

So thank you to Madi and Mark and thank you to all my friends who gave me an incentive to reapply seat to chair and keep on typing… This resolve, as you might guess, will probably last as long as my L’oreal hair color at which time it will be time for another get back to work party.  So don’t get rid of those extra cheese sticks just yet…

photo by James Jordan (flickr)


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