Naked Posts


I was looking at my WordPress stats the other day. As you do. And I noticed that the one called Feeling Naked is getting about twice as many hits as any of the others. Except for Breastfeeding. Which is running a close second. In fact one of the tags used to find that one is breasts dripping milk. Lovely. Just a little more info than I needed thank you very much. So I thought I’d entitle this one as I have and see what happens.

Unfortunately the one that has gotten the most hits so far is the one entitled See How Little Girls Grow… Uh-oh. I’m hoping that has more to do with my niece’s popularity than with, well, you know.

Surprisingly, my lice post got a huge swath of traffic. In fact, I would call it my bestseller. And it did earn me a stern look from our school’s headmaster which of course was probably in my head because I seriously doubt he’s starting his day with reading my posts. Writers, sheesh. They are soooo self centered.

So anyway this post is really just an experiment. See how many hits I get. I’ve been writing so much about women scientists I thought I’d try a little scientific experiment of my own. I’ll fill you in later on its results…..

photo by kimberlyfaye (flickr)

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  1. Your sister

    “Naked Bernie Madoff ” would be a winner for sure.

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