Instruction Manuals

instruction-manualsMy son did the strangest thing the other day. He read an instruction manual. He wasn’t sure how to proceed on his Nintendo game (yes, I know, we capitulated) and so he opened the Nintendo instruction booklet and figured it out.

I nearly fell out of my chair.

I’ve never read a manual in my life. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a female, a Pisces, the last born, or a writer. But I don’t do instruction manuals. It’s why I got married. I ask my husband how to work things.

Instead, I save all the manuals as each game, appliance, thingymagiggy comes in the door and I put them all carefully in a drawer. But I never read them.

I’m waiting for the future where you can just plug something into your brain that will instruct your cortex while you do something much more useful and interesting like check emails.

So it was fascinating to watch my son in action and see his father’s DNA pumping through him. And it made me appreciate yet again nature’s way of shuffling the DNA in each new offspring from both the father and the mother, giving each child a fighting chance.

photo by kimberlyfaye (flickr)


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