Post Partum Blues

A bottle of champagne and stunning silence. That’s not entirely true. I did have very kind congratulations from friends and family, throwing me a lifeline and reminding me that I do exist. Because you do walk around thinking some sort of fireworks should be happening. And of course, the sound you hear is actually your ego deflating, as you realize the publication of your book is not going to change the world.

One of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me was when my friend, Tracy Chevalier, (yes, I am name dropping here) sent me flowers on the publication day of my first book, How to Cook a Tart. She knew the reality and was making my day.

There is a post partum blues aspect to it all. It’s done. A separation. Unfortunately, you don’t have anything to cuddle. Of course, I should be grateful there is no nappy changing either.

Believe Me is going to sink or swim. There is nothing left for me to do. I just have to turn away and work on the next one.

My husband, Andrew Walter’s, book came out this month as well. Analyzing the Political Economy (Princeton University Press). Read it and weep. So tonight the four of us are going out to dinner to celebrate.

After that, nothing left to do but get back to work.

After I do the breakfast dishes….


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3 responses to “Post Partum Blues

  1. Nina! I feel such a heel. Yes, I sent flowers for the first book. But what do I do this time? A quick late-in-the-day email to congratulate. Pathetic. It reminds me of how we all are with friends who have babies: the first one, we make loads of fuss, give presents, offer babysitting, make them a casserole to put in the freezer. By kid no. 3 we’re saying, “Oh, you had another, did you? Well done…Hey, what did you think of Kate Winslet’s Golden Globe’s dress?” Anyway, congratulations on baby no.3! I am sending my own personal courier to get a copy Stateside.

    I am incredibly impressed you’re writing a blog every day. Mind you, it’s a great for procrastination. Myself, I’m writing this comment to put off revising my own book. Now get back to work!

  2. Your sister

    To Borders tomorrow. LWD got paid a bit.
    Love you.

  3. Linda

    Hi Nina,
    I will be purchasing your book tomorrow. I can’t wait to read it. I want to hear the voice of Andrew, I am sure you must have included him in the book in some form. I didn’t realize his book came out in December. I am sorry to say that I won’t be reading it. Much as I like Andrew, I just can’t bring myself to read about the global economy right now!
    I looked at your Amazon ranking, and you know, you two are aactually holding your own. I have another friend who published a book, and his is ranked at something like 1,500,000. So you should always be very proud of yourself. I am proud of you! My sister asked me what the book is called and where can she get it, I will get copies for both of us, as long as you promise to autograph them. Miss you, Andrew and the kids. Come visit anytime.

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