The Page 69 Test

Marshal Zeringue who edits the Campaign for the American Reader blog and who, in my opinion earns big white fluffy wings for helping to drum up interest in new books, kindly asked me to partake in his The Page 69 Test with Believe Me.

The “test” is a question: Is page 69 representative of the rest of the book? Would a reader skimming that page be inclined to read on? My answer.

It got me thinking. What page did I think expressed my book the best? And I don’t think I decided on a full page but I did find the passage below which appears on page 5. In fact I thought it was so important, I ended up using it twice!

In the book, Lucy, an astrophysicist and atheist, has always encouraged her son, Nic, to ask questions. But lately she doesn’t like the answers he’s getting.

This is 13-year-old Nic talking about his mother:

Mom likes to tell me she believes in the universe. She believes in its wonder. In its ability to confound us. Which is why she says she wants me to know everything. Why the leaves on the trees change colors. Why the sky is blue. How the wings of a bird make it fly.
So I asked her once: “Why do I have to know it all?”
“Because it will save you,” she said.


Photo by Lcstravelbuggin (flickr)


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