See how little girls grow?


This is my niece, Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, playing croquet with me, in the 80’s. She was 4 years old. She is now the designer of my website: I think she’s done a fabulous job. It’s so hard coming up with an image of a writer. The real you, in sweats and greasy hair, with the dish of cookie crumbs beside your computer is not very palatable. So it does take some thinking. It also can be very frustrating working on something like this long distance. Hannah’s in Wisconsin and I’m in London. But she was a dream to work with.

She’s also an amazing photographer: She does weddings but also events and portraits too. Her portraits of couples are beautiful. She really captures all the hope and drama of love.

Which all reads like an advertisement but it’s really about how fascinating it is to watch the young people in your family grow. You remember them as toddlers, children, teenagers and then suddenly in a blink of an eye they’re older than you were when you first met them. My brother once said in surprise after he hadn’t seen Hannah for several years. “She’s become a real babe, hasn’t she?”

It also happens to be her birthday.

So see how little girls grow? They become extraordinary women. So play with that little niece of yours. You never know when she’ll be the one calling the shots.



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2 responses to “See how little girls grow?

  1. Banana

    Thank you – you are so sweet – and I LOVE the croquet photo!!!!

  2. ninakillham

    Thank you, Hannah B! I love that photo too.

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