The Morning After

We heralded in the new US president. The radio and TV waves here in Britain were filled with the excitement. Many of the mothers at my school were running home for the 5 pm speech.

I made my children sit still for the speech. But I think it’s hard for children who are growing up in such a multicultural society to grasp its significance.

Still we made cupcakes and wrote OBAMA with them. And then broke out the champagne.

It hasn’t been easy being American in London lately. And it won’t change overnight. But it was fun for those of us who lead rather schizophrenic lives to have one big part of us celebrated. If only for a night.

This morning I delivered my children an hour late to school citing Obamamania as the reason. To their credit, they didn’t bat an eyelid.


photo by SarahR89 (flickr)


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